Pyramid Valley - Meditation Center in Bangalore

Meditation needs peace and silence. When you can do meditation at home, but if you want to do it any special place, then Pyramid Valley is for you. Even the place is worth to visit if you are not going for meditation.

Pyramid Valley situated near Kanakapura Road. It is 43 from Bangalore city center.

We started from Marathahalli around 11 am. The route I have taken was Marathahalli - Silk Board - Hosur Road - Nice Road - Kanakapura Road - Pyramid Valley. We reached the place by 12.30 pm.

The parking place was just after entering the premises. It was open parking and they charged 20 rupees. After parking the car we went to the information center which was near to parking. We got an overview of the area and reached near to Pyramid. By the time it was lunch time and we directly went to the restaurant. It had different types of veg dishes like polao, dosa, meals etc and there was a juice center.

The restaurant is beside a very beautiful garden with artificial waterfall. After the lunch, we went there, have spent sometime and then went near to Pyramid.

It was a big lawn with many trees in front of the Pyramid and I saw many families are sitting there. We also found a place to sit. My son was enjoying a lot the place and he was busy playing. I saw many other small kids nearby. There were some notorious couples, however security was very watchful and they asked the couples to leave the area.

Children below 6 years are not allowed inside the Pyramid to maintain the silence. So we entered Pyramid in group. Inside the Pyramid it's an very big open space and few people are sitting there. It was pin drop silent over there. In the center of the Pyramid there is a small tower and you can go there to do meditation as well. However at a time a limited people can go there and if you go there you need to spend a minimum time over there. We climbed the tower, spent some time and then came back.

After coming out from the Pyramid we roam around the place. It has a very small bridge which looks very good. We again went to the garden, took some photos.

We were done for the day and moved towards parking place and started for home.

The place is good for both meditation and for half day outing. You can plan Pyramid Valley and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram in the same day.

Happy Travelling!!
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