Mahabalipuram - The Ancient Beach of India

Tamil Nadu is very rich in history. There are several famous places beside Bay Of Bengal throughout Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram is one of those places which is a historic place with awesome sea beaches and a must visit places for anyone who loves to travel. It is very popular place in India where tourists come form all part of India and from other countries. Recently in 2019 the meeting between our PM Mr. Narendra Modi and Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping organized in Mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram is located in Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu. It is known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of 7th- and 8th-century Hindu Group of Monuments. This is also know as Mamallapuram . Mahabalipuram was one of two port cities within the Pallava kingdom during  7th century. The town was named after Pallava king Narasimhavarman who was known as Mahamalla. It is a very beautiful place with so many tourist attractions and the beaches. We love beaches and we choose M

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